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This Cookie Policy (“Cookie Policy” or “Policy”) is applicable to Construction Detail (“Construction Detail”, “we”, “us”, or “our”).

As many businesses do, we use “cookies” and similar technologies. This Policy provides details about our use of cookies and similar technologies in our mobile applications and website (“Services”). For more information on how we use, store, disclose, and process personal information gathered through or in connection with our Services, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Upon your initial visit to our Services from certain locations, you might encounter a message, such as a pop-up banner, informing you about the cookies and similar technologies used in our Services. If you are visiting from the European Union or United Kingdom, by clicking “Accept All Cookies,” “Allow All,” or “Confirm My Choices” and agreeing to our cookie use, you acknowledge and consent to our use of these technologies as described in this Cookie Policy.

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What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They enable recognition of your browser on subsequent visits. Cookies can save your preferences and other information but cannot access your hard drive or read cookies set by other websites.

Cookies set by the website owner (in this case, Construction Detail) are known as “first-party cookies.” Cookies set by parties other than the website owner are “third-party cookies.” These third-party cookies enable additional features or functionality on our website, like advertising, social media features, and analytics.

The Cookies We Use

Our cookies facilitate easier use of our website, for instance, by remembering your preferences. We also use cookies to deliver content suited to your interests. These cookies may link your website use to personal information you’ve provided us.

These cookies help us collect usage statistics, improving and personalizing our content and offerings.

Below, we describe the specific first-party and third-party cookies used on our website and their purposes.

Cookie List

First-party cookies are set by us to remember things like your language preference or login information.

We also use third-party cookies for advertising and marketing. These include cookies and other tracking technologies for purposes such as:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies Essential for our Website’s operation, they enable secure login and search functionality.
  • Functional Cookies These enhance website functionality, like recognizing return visitors and personalizing content according to preferences like language or region.
  • Performance Cookies These track visits and traffic sources for website performance evaluation. They help us identify popular and less popular pages and understand visitor navigation. The data collected is aggregated and anonymous. Without these cookies, we can’t monitor site usage.
  • Targeting and Advertising Cookies These personalize website advertising, avoiding repetitive ads and ensuring correct ad display. They might track users across websites to deliver interest-aligned ads.

How to Control Cookies

Upon your first visit, you may receive a message about cookies and similar technologies.

Visitors can manage cookie types via slider/radio buttons in the Privacy Preference Center or the “Manage Cookie Preferences” button.

California visitors can opt-out of our cookie use and personal information sale.

You can withdraw consent for various cookies at any time, affecting certain website features.

Adjust your browser settings to block or limit cookies.

Browser Settings

Find information for popular browsers at the following links:

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In addition, you can exercise advertising cookie choices by visiting:

Web Beacons

We use web beacons (small, transparent images) in conjunction with cookies to monitor website usage and improve performance.

Targeted Advertising

Third-party cookies for analytics and targeted advertising are controlled by external entities, not us.

Changes to this Policy

Our Cookie Policy is regularly reviewed and subject to amendments. Questions should be directed to